by Allison May Jensen
{This blog post first appeared on Allison's blog for Miss Allison's Art}
Early on an August morning in Kansas City in 2012, we headed to a local park for our Outdoor Art Class!  (this is pre-Orange Easel, when we were still Miss Allison's Art.  See our story here.)

We started with a BANG!  I found these film canister rockets on "Not Just Cute." Blogger Amanda Morgan mentioned a "colorful twist" on this old classic...she added watercolor powder to the film canister and set the "rockets" off on a large sheet of paper, creating an abstract art piece.  That's my kind of science that uses paint!

My crew set off these paint-filled rockets and made some large abstract art in the process!
We used washable tempera instead of a powdered watercolor.   Everyone had fun mixing up their own special color!
After squirting in some paint, the kids added a small amount of water using pipettes.  (fine motor practice!)
I added the Alka-Setzer and capped the bottles quickly.  The kids ran out to put them cap-side-down the paper.  The delay was anywhere from 10-45 seconds.  

BLAST OFF! (their first reactions were the best!)
The "rockets" shoot up...about 10-15 feet into the air.  My crew did a fantastic job maintaining a safe distance while rockets were on the "launch pad." 

I love the art that comes from it!

Orange easel Rockets

Paint Rockets has become a warm weather favorite at Orange Easel.  Check out our video the first time we set off paint rockets on our patio.   This is our Monday Lil' Artists class:
This activity can also be done inside if you use the proper protection!  Our "blast shield" here is simply a clear plastic box:


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