We're spending our January the preschool room by focusing on science and art.  We've got a full line-up of colorful chemical and physical reactions that produce art.  On of our first experiments is making monoprints with bubbles!  The result is a lacy, delicate painting.


You'll need:
A pie plate, a small bowl, or something similar
Food coloring
A Straw
Dish soap
OPTIONAL: We used a cookie sheet under the bowl for all the "runaway" bubbles!  
>> Read more about our uses for cookie sheets here

Combine the food coloring, water, and dish soup in the bowl.  It only takes a couple drops of dish soap to make some really great bubbles.  The amount of food coloring you use will determine how dark or light your print is.

Blow bubbles using a straw.  Our young artists/scientist really liked blowing the bubbles until they overflow the sides of the bowl (hence the cookie sheet).  

Press the paper on top of the bubble-bowl.  Voila!

Video Clip of Bubble Printing



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