Super Hero ART


By Miss Sara
I love art. I could sit and make art all day. My very energetic son however, hasn’t really shared my enthusiasm or focus for getting consumed by a creative project. 

All through pre-k his teacher and I worked with him on slowing down. His idea of coloring was to frantically race the crayon back and forth and up and down on the page. Done! Now can we play, he’d shout. 
But then every once in a while I’d see this glimmer of hope. He’d get invested in what he was making. Maybe just for a minute or sometimes even two. And he’d be so proud of what he’d made. 
We are Batman
He loves Super Heroes. We were at Michael’s one afternoon and found a set of pre-colored 8x8 canvasses in bright colors. They screamed for Super Hero logos to be painted on them. 
We were both invested. We sat at the computer and looked at the myriad of Super Hero symbols that there were. We talked about which one would work on the red canvas, the blue, the green. We talked about how he wanted them to all match. He wanted all symbols not some symbols and some faces. 
We planned them out with pencil on the canvas. I drew most of the outlines for him (bad art teacher!) but he drew the “S” for Superman. Then he painted them with as much patience as I’ve ever seen him have for a project. 
His strokes were slow-ish. He took care to stay within the lines. He thought about where to put the two different colors on Superman. 
All in all, this took us about an hour. It’s the longest we’ve ever committed to a single project. Maybe, just maybe, some day he’ll love to be consumed by art like his momma. 

Miss Sara is a founding team member at ORANGE EASEL.  She is a mom, an amateur photographer, a children's church leader, a graphic designer, and a big kid at heart. 

She has a Bachelors of Science from Northwest Missouri State (Journalism, with an emphasis in Design).  Prior to her career as a stay-at-home mom, she worked as the creative services manager at The Kansas City Star.

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