Art Classes for Children with Special Needs

Our DaVinci and Picasso classes are geared toward children with special needs. 

We provide a safe, enriching experience in which children of all ages can explore the visual arts. The curriculum will mirror what is being offered in our traditional classes but tailored to the needs of the individual artist. Classes are limited to six artists. 

Children with special needs are welcome in ALL our art classes.  

DaVinci and Picasso classes are designed for families who feel like without this option, the wonderful world of Orange Easel art classes would not be possible for their children.

~ Allison Jensen, Owner
At Orange Easel, we offer a 10:30am class (Picasso's) and a 1:00pm (DaVinci's) class. Each class is 60 minutes. The Picasso's class mirrors our preschool curriculum and the DaVinci's class mirrors our K-12 classes; parents can choose the curriculum format that best suits their children, regardless of age.  
If you'd like to speak to an instructor about the class outlines/curriculum, please don't hesitate to give us a call -- 816.407.9266