We didn't *start* here.  

Yes, we're a new business in Liberty.  

But what you may not know is that there are years of failures and successes that have brought us to THIS starting point.  

We started in a basement art studio as Miss Allison's Art, LLC.  

And then we learned a lot...
To those of you who know this story already:

I cannot put into words the gratitude that I feel towards the families of Miss Allison's Art.  If you trekked down the treacherous outside staircase, took art classes in a flooding basement, and waited in a hot (or cold) car while your child was in a class...YOU have built this.  

You saw the potential instead of the flaws and you kept coming back.  Thank you for being my guinea pigs for over two years.  This studio--this brand--I will build perfectly for you.  Minus the chickens.

Allison May Jensen
Owner Miss Allison's Art, LLC dba Orange Easel

January 2012

A friend mentioned in passing that Allison Jensen, a Liberty stay-at-home-mom, should teach art lessons.  As an former corporate trainer, current preschool teacher, childcare provider, lifetime artist, and natural risk-taker that idea seemed perfectly reasonable.  

March 2012

As a test, Allison sent an email to friends offering up some art classes over Liberty Spring Break. Classes were taught in the dining room and living room of the Jensen home.  Which meant the house had to be cleaned of family clutter BEFORE class and then cleaned of art clutter AFTER class.

The classes were well-received; so when the school year was over, she expanded the line-up and offered classes throughout the summer.   The LLC, website, and blog followed shortly.

August 2012

Tired of cleaning the family clutter, Allison built out her previously, half-finished basement into an art studio with it's own entrance.  Miss Allison's Art, LLC held it's first classes in the new [clean] studio on September 9th. 

September 2013

After testing out a number of different scheduling systems and class formats, Miss Allison's Art settled on the current layout of grade level classes with monthly media focuses.

February 2014

Miss Allison's Art gained another teacher [and Allison finally had the other half of her brain]. Sara Woolfolk joined the teaching team.

May 2014

Miss Allison's Art announced that there would be an EXPANSION to 249 W Mill St in Liberty.

Later in May 2014

The Orange Easel brand was born.  Many inquire how the name came to be.  Allison and Sara gathered a group of super creative friends over on Friday night, covered the papers with butcher paper, provided sharpies and wine.  The rest is history.

July 2014

Miss Allison's Art, LLC dba Orange Easel took possession of the leased property on Mill St and began an 4-week whirlwind transformation of the space.  It included a shopping trip to the West Bottoms antique stores, late nights doing construction projects, and lots of orange glossy paint. 

July 1, 2014

Orange Easel launched its website with registration for the fall line-up---completely on the faith that construction would be done in time. 

Allison was [mostly] confident she would be able to find the perfect teaching staff for a schedule of classes that was THREE times the number of classes previously offered in the basement.  

July 31, 2014

The very last class was held at Miss Allison's Art basement studio.  At 4:00pm, the trucks, vans, and cars were loaded with supplies and equipment and driven one mile down the road to the new Orange Easel.

AUgust 1, 2014

Our brand new Orange Easel space made is debut at a lively, casual Open House.   It smelled like new paint and everything sparkled.  (It will never be that shiny again and that's exciting).

On August 4, Orange Easel held it's first class.

Stay TUNED...

WITNESS our story as it unfolds.  This is still just the beginning...