Most students already attend a weekly art class in school.  Why should elementary, middle school, and even high school students take art classes OUTSIDE of school?  Isn't it the same thing?

There are many ways that our big kids benefit from regular weekly art classes OUTSIDE of school. Here are just a handful:
1. For some children, art is their THING. Not dance. Not soccer. Not girl scouts. They are makers and creators at heart. Orange Easel gives these makers a PLACE and a community. Here they will find like-minded peers!

2. For some children, art is an outlet. It's is freedom from failure and rules. They don't care what the finish product is and they need a place that doesn't judge them based on the outcome. Art is PLAY at its purest and safest form.

3. In elementary school art classes, PLAY and EXPERIMENTING is often frowned upon because time is limited and the ultimate goal of the course is to have each child demonstrate mastery of an art skill. Orange Easel as no such underlying structure. We are looking for our artists to demonstrate curiosity and a desire to create. Our ultimate goal is to create artists, not art.

4. For some children, ART is something they want to get better at. Maybe they were gifted amazing drawing or painting talents. Just like in sports, a great coach or instructor can help facilitate growth and shorten the learning curve.

5. Some children are timid and unsure of their own ideas. Art outside of the school environment provides a safe place to gain confidence...because there are no wrong answers. Only the next right one.

6. Art is BIG. Outside of school, we can explore just how BIG it is. Did you know that you can be an artist even if you aren't a strong painter or illustrator? Many adults falsely believe that if you can't draw, you "don't have an artistic bone in your body." Controlling a pencil--while useful--is not necessary for fiber arts, or pottery, or mixed media applications. At Orange Easel, our entire year is designed to give artists a sense of just how BIG the art world is. This way, they can begin to see that there IS a place for them.
Here's to all our young artists and makers -- you're going change the world with your idea and your courage!

3doodler Review


We've had out 3Doodlers for a month now and I finally feel comfortable writing a short review of the product.  If you're not familiar with the 3Doodler, check out the video link below for the newer 2.0 models:
Our studio invested in a few of the 2.0 because they were quieter and lighter and not too much more expensive than the older model.  We currently have three of the 3D printing pens.  We've used them for two classes and the our instructors have had a chance to play with them.  

Here's what we've learned:
  • It's really hard to draw in the air.  They make it look easy on promo video; it's not.
  • Like any art medium, there's a learning curve.  The more we practiced with them, the better we became at controlling the plastic.
  • We had the best luck "building" by creating flat pieces and the assembling them (see video below)
  • The type of plastic matter.  Some projects are great in ABS while others (like the butterfly below) worked much better in PLA.  The 3Doodler 2.0 came with both.
  • Dealing with mechanical issues...either jammed plastic and plastic not feeding correctly was incredibly time-consuming.  Patience and persistence is required.  Although there's no reason that young artists can't USE the pens to create, an adult would need to be present to keep things "flowing."
  • Youtube is your best friend for troubleshooting
Check out the video of the butterfly Miss Allison made from a translucent blue PLA plastic:

Want to play with a 3Doodler?

Our Emerging Artists class which meets on Wednesdays nights will have access to use the 3Doodlers whenever they wish.  We'll also be using them during many of our Camps and Makerspace Events

Beginning September 3rd, Orange Easel is offering semi-private and small group art classes for Middle School and High School students.  Orange Easel Instructors support the artists in project conception, composition, and execution.

Our goal is nurture the young artists in both the CREATIVE CONFIDENCE to conceptualize art and the TECHNICAL SKILLS to create it.

What do these classes "look like"?

Imagine a full hour every week where you can exercise creative muscles.  In these classes, we brainstorm in our art journals, search our inspiration online and it books, gather our materials, and work hard to make our individual visions come to life.  

Inspired to work with paints and canvases?  Or complete a large-scale charcoal drawing?  We can do that.  Want to play with metals and jewelry?  We can do that too.  How about a mixed media work?  We can support you though the multiple layers of that project--teaching you techniques along the way.   Not sure what to do?  Don't worry.  Our instructors have plenty of project ideas up their sleeves!  You can pick one.

Students may work for a considerable length of time on the one project or they may finish their work in one or two classes; they may have multiple projects going at once.  Creativity demands flexibility. 

Lockers are available for these students to store their work safely.  

All art materials in the studio are available for the students to use.  

Classes meet weekly for 60 minutes.

Tuition is $60/month.


An hour isn't very long.  What if I need more time?

Need more time to work?  Our studio is open on Saturday mornings for drop-in Open Art; during this time, middle school and high school artists may drop-in and work independently on their projects at no charge.  

Space is limited in these special classes!
Click the button to be taken to our registration page!