Kinda a boring title, huh?  Oh well, hopefully the content makes up for it!
If you have an artist who is Kindergarten through 5th grade, read below to see what's planned for all of the 2014-15 school year!

September - Charcoal and pastels

Ready to PLAY with your drawings?  Charcoal and pastels turn drawing into a sensory experience.  We'll learn how to see lights, shadows and hues as well as the unique blending properties of these materials.

October - Clay

Always a crowd favorite.  We'll get our the air-dry clay and work through a sculpture project while we practice some basic (but IMPORTANT) clay scoring-and-slipping. 

Once the clay is dry, we'll paint and finish the pieces with acrylic paint.

November - Pen and Ink

Drawing with ink is a completely different type of drawing than pencil drawing.  Creating values and shadows are achieved through cross-hatching, pattern, and the "weight" of the line.  We'll learn these techniques, practice them, and then use them to create a imaginative, old-world map...finished with a watercolor wash.

December - Acrylic paint on canvas

Acrylic paint is vibrant, fast-drying, permanent, and textural.  In December, we'll focus on creating interesting colors and blending paint colors (just like the pastels in September).  We'll be inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keefe to create close-ups of flowers on our canvases.

January - watercolor

Watercolor is a deceptively difficult medium to master.  Our classes will focus on brush technique, learning to "go with the flow", and some unconventional add-ins that we can do with watercolor.  Because of the difficulty with this medium, expect our finished artwork to be abstract, non-representational! 

February - Mixed Media

Let's work in LAYERS!  Background, middle-ground, foreground, focal point, pattern, texture, typography and more.  We're going to BUILD our 2D art.  We'll use paint, collage materials, fabric, metals, printing making, and more.

March - Printmaking

In additional to exploring printing plates and printing techniques, artists will design and carve their own stamps and create an artwork using that stamp. 

April - Textile art

Dying fabrics, weaving, stitching and exploring the textile arts. 

May - Metals

Join us in the studio to learn how to make art from metals.  We'll use aluminum, copper, and stainless steal.

Registration runs month-to-month, opening on the 1st of the previous month.  Once you're signed-up for you first class, you can choose to sign-up for for auto-enrollment with monthly autopay and receive a tuition discount each month.  Pay for the entire semester by September 1st and receive one month of tuition free!