Monotype Printing


A simple printmaking project that you can try is a monotype (you can only use your template once!). 

This monotype is made by removing color to create a subtractive image.  It challenges us to draw the negative space!

Supplies used:
  • Cookie sheet (or other smooth, non-porous surface)
  • Dark-colored paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Brayer
  • Paper
Quick printed landscape made using a monoprint method (see video below)
Spread a very thin layer of paint on the cookie sheet using a brayer or a roller.  "Draw" a picture into the paint using tools.  Use a variety of tools to create texture and differentiate between the features in the final print.  Different tools mark different marks (paper towel, sharpened pencil, finger tips, etc).  

Lift paint from areas of your final print that you want to be white.  Leave paint in dark areas.

Press paper into the paint while it's still wet, being careful not to move or shift it.  Lift up to reveal the final print.  


Flower Print
Mountain Lanscape
Once your prints are dry, you can fully appreciate all the amazing "accidental" textures and details that is unique to printmaking.  

If you would like to add color to your monotype prints, you can use colored pencils, crayon or any other dry medium.  Only use a wet medium if you've used acrylic paint in your initial print!  Otherwise you'll wash it away.  For wet mediums, we suggest watercolor!


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