Fancy Letters



Traditionally the illuminated letter is the first letter of a word at the start of each paragraph.  

The handwritten books during the Middle Ages included large ornate letters.

As a art form, illuminated letters an stand-alone as individual pieces of art.  They made wonderful decorations for the first page of an art journal or a notebook since they are often personal to the artist.


May Day Baskets


We're making May Day baskets in the art studio day!  

We invite you to [PRINT our FREE May Day basket tags] and make your own May Baskets!
Many people that I talk to remember celebrating May Day growing up, but we don't see it much anymore.  At least, not in our Kansas City metro area.  

A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else. A routine is exceptionally powerful.

DARREN HARDY, The Compound Effect
It takes 21 days to make a new habit STICK!  Here's a worksheet that you can use to plan out your new habit, your steps to success, AND your reward!  Plus you can mark-off all the days that you're successful at implementing your new habit!
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Show your Kansas City Spirit This Halloween!

Since they're PLAYING in October, it just makes sense right?  We've got a pumpkin carving template just for you die-hard Royals fans!  
Our template (pictured to the left) works just like those ones that you purchase in the carving kits.  

Simply download it by following the link below!  Then print it, tape it to your pumpkin, and mark lines with a thumbtack.  Remove the paper and carve (carefully) according to the lines you marked.  The shadowed areas are the spaces you'll be removing from the pumpkin.