Our 2015-16 schedule will have a new class for adult artists who want to hone their drawing skills.  Fundamental Drawing will meet once per week and will focus on skill development, exercises, and instruction.   

And the best news, it's completely FREE.

Although, these are considered advanced classes, the desire to learn and grow is more important than the current skill level.  You can be a beginner in these classes and be JUST fine!

Drawing Fundamental class will operate on a 12-week curriculum.  We will repeat the lessons and drills every 12 weeks.  (Repetition is a wonderful thing.)

Each class is 60 minutes long; following each class, the studio is open for another 60 minutes for practice and additional feedback.  The second hour is completely optional.
  • Enrolled students (12 and up) who want extra instruction and focus on skill development
  • Adults who have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to draw and paint
  • High School students who are considering an art degree and need to create a portfolio demonstrating skills
The emphasis will be on drawing as REAL as possible--not because realistic drawing is better than abstract, but because realistic drawings demonstrate that we have command of our skill!

Our class meets four times per month (any "fifth days" will be taken as a day off).  After these 12 lessons have been taught, we will cycle back through them.  Artists may join at the beginning of any month, regardless of whether we are in Week 1, 5, or 9.

Below is the 12-week outline for our Fundamental Drawing class:
Week 1 - Drawing accuracy lesson 1
Week 2 - Drawing accuracy lesson 2 
Week 3 - One point perspective drawing
Week 4 - Two point perspective drawing
Week 5 - Drawing from photograph (non-moving objects)
Week 6 - Drawing from photograph (moving objects)
Week 7 -  Still life drawing (shading, highlights, textures)
Week 8 - Still life drawing (contour, scale, perspective) 
Week 9 - Figure drawing lesson 1 (from photo)
Week 10 - Figure drawing lesson 2 (life)
Week 11 - Portrait drawing lesson 1 (from photo)
Week 12 - Portrait drawing lesson 2 (life)
Tuition is always free but registration is required.

Beginning September 3rd, Orange Easel is offering semi-private and small group art classes for Middle School and High School students.  Orange Easel Instructors support the artists in project conception, composition, and execution.

Our goal is nurture the young artists in both the CREATIVE CONFIDENCE to conceptualize art and the TECHNICAL SKILLS to create it.

What do these classes "look like"?

Imagine a full hour every week where you can exercise creative muscles.  In these classes, we brainstorm in our art journals, search our inspiration online and it books, gather our materials, and work hard to make our individual visions come to life.  

Inspired to work with paints and canvases?  Or complete a large-scale charcoal drawing?  We can do that.  Want to play with metals and jewelry?  We can do that too.  How about a mixed media work?  We can support you though the multiple layers of that project--teaching you techniques along the way.   Not sure what to do?  Don't worry.  Our instructors have plenty of project ideas up their sleeves!  You can pick one.

Students may work for a considerable length of time on the one project or they may finish their work in one or two classes; they may have multiple projects going at once.  Creativity demands flexibility. 

Lockers are available for these students to store their work safely.  

All art materials in the studio are available for the students to use.  

Classes meet weekly for 60 minutes.

Tuition is $60/month.


An hour isn't very long.  What if I need more time?

Need more time to work?  Our studio is open on Saturday mornings for drop-in Open Art; during this time, middle school and high school artists may drop-in and work independently on their projects at no charge.  

Space is limited in these special classes!
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