Friday night was our 2015 Studio Fall Party.  An important part of our Orange Easel Mission is to create a COMMUNITY of artists and makers.  We do this by continuously looking for opportunities to bring those makers together into our space. 
Artists of all age came together to MAKE and DECORATE and EAT and ENJOY the community!  Thanks to all who came!  We look forward to doing it again next year!

Event Photo Gallery

Orange Easel was honored to be invited to provide activities for the interactive arts are at Liberty Art Squared last weekend.

Despite a rainy start to our Saturday morning, the 6th Annual Liberty Arts Squared Arts Festival was a big success.  Almost 150 young artists stopped to make art at our booth--we had leather stamping, face painting and collaborative canvases happening all day long!

Check out our slideshow of photos from this year's festival:
Thank to all of our families who stopped by and said "hi."  It's always fun to see familiar faces!  All of us at Orange Easel feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by numerous art studios, art businesses, and creative outlets in the Kansas City Northland. What an amazing place to call home!

See you next year, Liberty Art Squared!

[All proceeds benefit the halo Foundation]

Remember that Splatter Art that we made in the studio last week? Well, it's NOW available for purchase! We're having an online auction this week ONLY for anyone who wants to take a piece of this art home with them; all proceeds from the auction will benefit the Halo Foundation.

Day Camp REcap


Local schools were closed today so we took advantage of the "FREE" day to be creative for a full SEVEN hours!  

We spent ALL day making stuff. We doodled on the tables (covered with paper), threaded beads onto bracelets, made a large under-the-sea mural, practiced drawing facial features--because practice makes us better drawers--and then painted a colorful self portrait using ONLY the primary colors (and white). We even played a few games. What a fun bunch of young artists!

Check out our 90-second video showcasing *some* of the art we made!
Click HERE to view on YouTube

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open house recap


Thank you to everyone who attended our Open House on Friday night.  This place was hoppin'!

I couldn't have imagined a better way to kick off our new brand than to celebrate with 150 of my closest friends!

We had some t-shirt winners.  Congratulations to Jaxy Thorn, Jodi Boring, Sheryl Downs, and Adelyn all have "MAKE SOMETHING" t-shirts to pick up the studio sometime this week!

Check out our slideshow of pictures from the event below:
Liberty artists are invited to help create a PERMANENT art installation on the walls of Orange Easel.  We'll be throwing "paint balls" (cotton balls soaked in paint) at the wall.  Many young artists have done this at Miss Allison's Art, but THIS time is different.  We have no intention of washing it off!

We'll be using an acrylic (NON WASHABLE) paint.  Old clothes and shoes are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

After the painting is complete, we'll share pizza and drinks provided by the Orange Easel team.


WHEN: Wednesday August 20th 5:30pm-6:30pm or 7:00pm-8:00pm
WHERE: Orange Easel (249 W Mill St Ste 107, Liberty MO 64068)
WHO: Artists age 4 and up.  (3 and under may attend if accompanied by a parent)

COST: $25 per artist (includes color lesson, splat painting experience, and pizza afterwards)

Space is limited to 20 artists at each party.