A daily routine built on good habits and disciplines separates the most successful among us from everyone else. A routine is exceptionally powerful.

DARREN HARDY, The Compound Effect
It takes 21 days to make a new habit STICK!  Here's a worksheet that you can use to plan out your new habit, your steps to success, AND your reward!  Plus you can mark-off all the days that you're successful at implementing your new habit!
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Some of our best "art" supplies come from Dollar Tree!  One of our favorite multi-taskers are our spray bottles.  

In our preschool art rooms, our instructors use these bottles weekly to keep our watercolor trays wet while little ones paint. This keeps us from having to use water cups on our tables.  (keeping spills to a minimum)

We love this idea so much, we wrote a blog post about it here.  

Often times, it's the little artists who want to spray things.  

[Anything.  They'll spray anything.]

BONUS: Dollar Tree spray bottles are small and lightweight...perfect for little hands!

We hang paper on our chalkboard and these become the "targets" to spray.  If you add some liquid watercolors to the water, you can get some pretty {wet} art from this activity.  We recommend liquid watercolors instead of food coloring because it's washable!  (this is the brand we use)

If you set up paper targets, make sure you lay some towels down underneath them to catch the drips!

From an early education standpoint, spray bottles strengthen little hands for writing.  Spraying on on a vertical surface also works on shoulder and core stability.


Our artists who use acrylic paint, use these spray bottles to mist their palettes which keeps the paint from drying out while they are working. 

Our watercolor artists use them to re-wet their palettes or to wet their papers for wet-on-wet techniques.

It's fun to paint FIRST (with any type of water-based paints) and THEN spray it vertically.  The running colors and random drips make abstract art or the foundation/background for a mixed media work.  

Sometimes we spray liquid watercolor or alcohol inks onto paper as it's lying flat.  The result is a soft speckled design.   We can place objects on the paper to MASK the spray and add visual interest.  Imagine a placing a doily on a sheet of paper, spraying it with ink, and then removing the doily.  You'd be left with a lacy design in the negative space.

We've yet to meet anyone (of any age) who doesn't enjoy this simple art-making tool!
In the event of inclement weather, ORANGE EASEL will not follow the Liberty School District or other local schools.  Class cancellations will be made on an hour-by-hour basis.  If at all possible, we will remain open during winter weather.  We advise our staff and our families and our students to use their best judgement in traveling.  Make-up opportunities will be available.  No refunds will be made for missed classes.

Please watch our facebook page and twitter feed to for updates regarding weather and closing.    

Journal Prompt #13


Each week, we provide a prompt for anyone who is keeping (or starting) an art journal.  These are simply a "jumping off point."  Something to get you started!  Where you take it, is up to you!
Share your Art Journal pages with us on our facebook page or tag us @orangeeaselart on twitter and instagram!  We love to see what you're making!
If you miss a class, for ANY REASON we want you to be able to make it up your class time!   No refunds are given for missed classes, but there are many make-up options. 

Attending a different class

The ideal option is to attend another class that same week.  We try to get you into a class that is similar (in age or in art project) to what your child missed.  Talk to us about the number of options and I'm sure we can find one that works for you.  This option works really well if you know ahead of time that you'll be missing class.  

The second option is to attend additional class the following week.  Essentially, doubling-up on classes for one week.  This option works great for our K-and-up kiddos who are working on specific class projects.  

OPEN ART for Make-ups

Open Art Sign-In Sheet
The third option is to attend an Open Art session that same week.  Open Art sessions are on Friday and Saturday mornings.  We are open for 2-3 hours for drop-in art activities.   Pick your 60 minutes and come on in!  Preschoolers can explore the stations set up in the preschool room.  K-and-up artists can work on their class projects for the class that they missed.  If you come to Open Art session as a make-up, there is no charge...just indicate on the sign-in sheet that you're here for a make-up.

The FOURTH option is to take an Open Art pass.  With a pass for Open Art, your artists can attend any Open Art session within 60 days of the missed class.  In this option, your artist will complete the special Open Art project instead of working on class work.  Just bring your pass with you whenever you come to redeem it.  If you need a Open Art pass for a make-up, please let your instructor know at your next class, we'll be happy to get you one!
Check out the ADJUSTED schedule in the studio for the next three weeks.  All regular programming resumes on January 5th with the beginning of our Second Semester Schedule.


If you are unable to attend your scheduled class during the holidays, we'd love to have you make-up your studio time by attending an alternative classtime or one of our Open Art sessions.  To help us prepare, please sign-up for below.

Sparkly Snow Paint


This puffy sparkly paint is perfect for winter projects.  It's so easy to make.  As a bonus, the thick paint keeps that glitter contained!
1 part white glue
1 part shaving cream
Glitter (to "taste")
Couple drops of peppermint extract (optional)

Mix together well.  We used a popsicle stick to stir it up.  Apply with brushes or craft sticks.  It doesn't SPREAD very well because it's so puffy.  Your best method for application will be a dabbing or dotting brush stroke.

The final product, once dry, looks just like puffy, iridescent snow!

We combined this invitation with a set of washable markers.  This way older children could draw their snowscape first and then add the layer of "snow."  For younger children, our parents and instructors helped draw while the children added the snow to the snowman or the trees.

Journal Prompt #12


Each week, we provide a prompt for anyone who is keeping (or starting) an art journal.  These are simply a "jumping off point."  Something to get you started!  Where you take it, is up to you!
Share your Art Journal pages with us on our facebook page or tag us @orangeeaselart on twitter and instagram!  We love to see what you're making!
Our studio was busy this week with two preschool field trips!  Our little artists had the WHOLE studio to themselves for the morning.  Our goal for them to be exposed to different materials, exercise some creativity, make a little mess, and leave our doors BELIEVING that they ARE artists.  

Field trip outline

  • Large Classroom - Splat painting, coloring mixing lesson, group photos
  • Small Classroom - free play in a variety of creative stations
  • Lobby - drawing lesson, mini drawing books, snack
Field trips happen on Friday or Wednesday mornings from groups up to 48.  Contact us to schedule one for your group!

New Christmas Tree



We have a new Christmas tree in the lobby that needs some handmade, creative, decorations!  

We invite our artist to bring in small art that they make to decorate the tree. 

(The Mom's Morning Our crew helped put the tree together and Thursday's PreK class made the star topper. )