We hosted a FREE art event on our brand new patio last week.  It was a wonderful success (despite the heat) and we can't wait to do it again.  Look for details on another patio event in our July newsletter.

Gallery of event Photos

Our outdoor classroom is finally complete!  Miss Alexa and Miss Megan have worked hard to bring ART to this space.  Check out our transformation below!
We had clear requirements for our new outdoor space.  It needed to be a creative play space for young children, a classroom space for older children, and a comfortable space for adults to enjoy.  And it needed to reflect the Orange Easel style!

Here are some of the important parts of the patio and  how they evolved:

Easel Wall

One of the first additions was 25 feet of plexi-glass that span the back fence. We drilled holes and secured a series of bulldog clips to hold paper, but most of the time, we'll paint right on the wall!
On the plexi-glass, we hung recycled aluminum cans (spray painted orange) using curled wires. These cans can hold paint, water, and brushes.
These sheets of plexi-glass were hung with zipties; we chose plexi-glass because it wouldn't block the view of the greenery behind our building.

Fifteen artists joined us in the studio for an entire day for robot building.  

Our artists had to learn how to strip wires and how electrical circuits work.  They showed incredible determination and focus as they worked to properly connect two motors, two limit switches, and one on/off switch.  

We also had to use our problem solving skills when those newly-wired robots ran backwards, in circles, or not-at-all!

We're so proud of the work that they did.  Look for Robot Camp to return this winter over the holiday break!
At-Home Drawing Ideas for Summer [OrangeEaselArt.com]
Ava colors her outspace drawings using melting crayons.
Drawing is probably the most accessible at-home art project.  Generally, it's not too messy and it doesn't use a bunch of supplies.  

Because it's readily accessible, the challenge for some parents is in making a drawing project enticing.  "Go draw something" isn't always enough to get the kids motivated.  

We've lined up a few novel invitations for parents to try out this summer! Check them out below and then let us know if you try any of them.  We love to see your pictures on social media...feel free to post them directly to our facebook page or tag us @orangeeaselart on Instagram and Twitter.

7 Drawing Ideas for Summer ARt

Coloring on aluminum foil on a warm griddle

Posted by Orange Easel School of Art on Wednesday, February 4, 2015
  • Be sure to cover the griddle with aluminum foil to protect it.  
  • Low, low, low temp
  • Peeled crayons work best
  • Color SLOWLY
#1 Introduce an element of danger
Seriously.  Just a hint of danger and the appeal of an activity increases ten-fold.  In this activity, the danger comes from a kitchen griddle set on low.  

[ See full set-up instructions here ]

After a brief safety lesson, artists can draw and color on the griddle with crayons.  

The biggest obstacle with this one is that you probably only have one griddle and multiple artists.  Ah, patience.

Artists can draw pictures with sharpie FIRST and then color in their drawings, like the picture below (full blog post here) or just color straight on the griddle like the video on the left!


Twenty-one young artists joined us in the studio yesterday to build their own fairy houses.  

We learned about some of the common architecture used in homes and building, brainstormed decor, and then got to work using wooden birdhouse, markers, paint, glitter, faux flowers, and plenty of hot glue..

Orange Easel was honored to be invited to provide activities for the interactive arts are at Liberty Art Squared last weekend.

Despite a rainy start to our Saturday morning, the 6th Annual Liberty Arts Squared Arts Festival was a big success.  Almost 150 young artists stopped to make art at our booth--we had leather stamping, face painting and collaborative canvases happening all day long!

Check out our slideshow of photos from this year's festival:
Thank to all of our families who stopped by and said "hi."  It's always fun to see familiar faces!  All of us at Orange Easel feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by numerous art studios, art businesses, and creative outlets in the Kansas City Northland. What an amazing place to call home!

See you next year, Liberty Art Squared!

Painting Ideas for Summer Art & Play

We hope our lists below get the wheels turning!  Most of this stuff you already have just LAYING around the house.  

Set it out on the table today (maybe cover it with a vinyl tablecloth first) and let the kids go wild!

Summer is the PERFECT opportunity to explore different types of painting...