We support plenty of "go figure it out" activities, especially during the summer.  So you aren't going to find many pinterest worthy craft projects here.  It's all about the process!

The parents' role in this type of play is in setting up the materials and in facilitating. We call these invitations... 

Ready for some great ideas to do art (and other creative play) AT HOME this summer?  We're going to make it easy for you!  

Every single MONDAY beginning next week, our blog will feature oodles of ideas that you can use to exercise those young creative muscles.

To make it easier for us to organize, we've divided the nine weeks (yes, that's right, NINE weeks) of summer into different categories.  We're starting next week with BUILDING...so sculpture, assembly, collage, mixed media...think small parts coming together into ONE work.    
See the complete list:


Memorial Day Art



At Orange Easel we believe that art has a place at all holidays.  Working through themes and representing seasonal subject matters is more than just about making something pretty to hang up.  

It's a way to process history.  It's an opportunity to talk about our world.  It's a chance to express our feelings (or find them).  

For children AND adults.

Our regular May classes are exploring art with metal all month.  

We began our month with a metal tooling project using aluminum foil, tacky glue, and shoe polish; and, we're wrapping up our month with continuous line drawings turned into wire sculptures!  The challenge in working in three-dimensions is that we have to abide by the laws of gravity!  
So excited to share this project with our budding artists in June!  Check it out:
Wire Wrapped Beaded Bracelets (ages 10 and up)
Monday June 8th and June 15th 
$60.00, all supplies included
Artists will use sterling silver wire in two gauges to shape a bangle bracelet to the correct size.  Once the metal is shaped, we'll use a wire-wrapping and beading technique to fill-in the design.  Each artist will make one bracelet over the period of two classes.  

Tools used: jeweler's pliers, small anvils, and hammers.
We're gearing up for summer classes and that starts with our instructors making all sorts of examples!  It's a rough job being an Orange Easel Instructor, but someone has to do it.

First up is our Clay Action Figures.  Young artists will design their own action figure and then bring it to life using a polymer clay.  We'll design and sculpt during the first class period, and then apply paint and glossy varnish in the second class.

Clay Action Figures (ages 7 and up)
Monday June 8th and June 15th 
$50.00, all supplies included

Watch here to see a figure come to life: 

On the afternoon of Mother's Day, ten special families joined us to make art together!  We hope you left with not only a beautiful piece of art, but also some great memories!

Fancy Letters



Traditionally the illuminated letter is the first letter of a word at the start of each paragraph.  

The handwritten books during the Middle Ages included large ornate letters.

As a art form, illuminated letters an stand-alone as individual pieces of art.  They made wonderful decorations for the first page of an art journal or a notebook since they are often personal to the artist.