A new take on the traditional paper chain!  All you really need is paper and a stapler.

Construction paper strips (ours are 1.5"x9")
Small piece of yarn or string (optional)
Scotch tape (optional)


Step 1: 
Fold all of the strips of paper in half.

This will make the chain "building" process easier!
Step 2:
Insert one folded paper strip inside another, making sure that they folds are lined up and pushed together as tightly as possible.
Step 3:
Staple. Just above the folds.

Step 4: 
Leaving the inner most strip in place (red), gently pull down on the the outer strip (pink) to form a heart.
Step 5: 
While holding those (pink) ends together, wrap another strip (red) around the bottom of the heart.
Step 6:
REPEAT steps 4-6 to build a chain to your desired length
As the chain gets longer, you may find it easier to work "upside down"
To hang, make a small loop from a piece of string.
Locate the top two strips of paper which have not been formed into a heart.  Tape the sting on the outside of one of the strips. 
Then, bend the paper strips inward and pinch to form a heart.  Staple or tape to secure (depending on the size of your stapler, it may not fit!  Tape works just fine.)

Take it step further...

Here are some ideas to ADD to this project:
  • Before building your chain, write a name of someone you LOVE on each strip of paper
  • Add beads to the top yarn piece
  • Bead a string down the middle of the entire chain.  To do this you'll need a needle to poke through the folds of the construction paper
  • Create multiple strands to hang in a doorway or a window like a curtain
  • Join the ends of your chain together to make a wreath
  • Cut the strips of paper using decorative scissors
  • Play with different lengths and widths of paper in a single chain (you'll get different sized hearts!)